Special Assistance Management is a crucial yet impossibly complex service for airlines and airports to get right. United States law puts responsibility for providing special assistance on airlines while in Europe the airports are responsible for the service as soon as the passenger enters the airport until he/she gets on board and the same on arrival.

Special assistance provided by airlines and airports are fundamentally unlike other services provided. The quality of this legally binding service varies a lot, it may have big cost consequences for airlines and airports, and it can cause a lot of extra stress for passengers with special needs. The categories who may need special assistance are: passengers with vision impairment, passengers with hearing impairment, paraplegic and quadriplegic passengers and the ones with different types of wheelchairs, passengers who need medical equipment like oxygen, passengers with intellectual disabilities/autism, passengers with allergy, passengers with other types of disabilities, passengers carried on stretchers, pregnant passengers, unaccompanied minors, elderly passengers and passengers traveling with pets.

The majority of large airports and airlines are not capable of providing reliable, traceable basic special assistance service data that give a true picture of the actual service being delivered. This is an evidence of complexity and important of special assistance services.

Many passengers also strive to find information about what type of special assistance are the right ones for them and how they can affect airports’ and airlines’ quality of service.

Sky Inclusion created the Airline Special Assistance review website (www.airlinespecialassistance.com) as an independent forum for passengers with special needs. We will shortly also publish another web site (www.airlinespecialservice.com) to provide similar information about airports. We would like to provide information to the passengers about special assistance services and give them the chance to provide review and rating of the services they receive. We are also actively present on social media to provide information and to affect services provided.

Sky Inclusion

Sky Inclusion plans to become the leading company for airlines and associated special needs air travelers’ reviews.

This website has no financial association or affiliation with any airline or airport featured.

Our future plan is to introduce Airline/Airport Special Assistance Rating as a global quality ranking programme through direct feedback by travelers with special needs.

We hope we can motivate all airlines and airports to facilitate as good as possible for joyful experience for these passengers.

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