Special Assistance

What specific conditions apply if I need special assistance on a Luxair flight?

Passengers with a high body mass

Additional seat for personal comfort:
You think you may need a second seat? Travel more comfortably with Luxair. In this case, we recommend you to book an extra-seat. For an adult traveller, the cost for an additional seat will be the ticket fare for an adult less the airport taxes. For a child, the cost for an additional seat will be the ticket fare for a child less the airport taxes.
Please note that the second seat cannot be booked online. Please contact our Customer Service Center (+352 2456 1).

Special services on request (abbreviations meaning)

WCHR – Passenger able to walk slowly and to go upstairs and downstairs but needing a wheelchair for long walking distances in the terminal.

WCHS –Passenger able to walk slowly between the airplane door and his seat, but not able to go upstairs or downstairs.

WCHC –Passenger completely unable to walk and in need of an assistance during the whole trip.

STRC – Passenger on stretcher

Stretchers are not allowed on regular LUXAIR flights, and charter LUXAIRTOURS flights.

BLND – Blind or visually impaired passenger

DEAF – Deaf or hearing impaired passenger

OXYG – Passenger needing oxygen bottle during the whole flight

MEDA – Passenger flying with the agreement of the airline’s doctor

Whether on the ground or on board, LUXAIR provides disabled passengers or passengers with reduced mobility with all the support they need, by developing numerous helps and services adapted to all kinds of situations.

Disabled or reduced mobility passengers are allowed to travel regarding the EC regulation nr 1107/2006 from 5th July 2006.

In special circumstances, these rights might not be implemented for specific safety or technique reasons. In case of refuse, LUXAIR will inform directly the customer and will propose an acceptable alternative solution.

The airport administrator is legally in charge of the airport assistance. LUX-Airport carries out this mission at Luxembourg, but also the respective carrier.


Arrival at the airport

In order to guarantee the best quality in our services, and for organization reasons, please inform us no less than 48 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight. 

Every assistance request has to be mentioned during the booking and in some case we might require a medical certificate (or an INCAD formulary / Incapacitated Passengers Handling Advice). In such a case, please contact our call center to confirm your booking.

However, if passengers have not provided any notification, LUX-Airport is required to make reasonable efforts to provide the required assistance.

We recommend you to consult your general practitioner to prepare your flight. In order to provide the best quality service, it is important to specify during your booking:

  • If you use a wheelchair that can be taken apart
  • If you are travelling with your own wheelchair
  • If it is an electric or manual wheelchair, foldable or not
  • Weights and dimensions in bendable position, in the following order (length x width x high)
  • In case you are using an electric wheelchair, please indicate if it has dry-cell or wet-cell battery

Special Equipment: guide dogs, therapeutic oxygen and mobility equipment

A guide or other assistance dog can travel free of charge on board (subject to sanitary and custom formalities); please be advised that a travel ability certificate can be required at check-in.

Passengers needing a therapeutic oxygen bottle during the flight have to inform the airline during the reservation and are subject to authorisation from the airline. Personal bottles are not allowed on board. If it is not possible to carry your own therapeutic oxygen bottle, the airline is supposed to provide a bottle.

A disabled person or person with reduced mobility is allowed, without additional charge and in addition to the medical equipment, to transport of up to two pieces of mobility equipment , including electric wheelchairs subject to advance warning of 48 hours and to possible limitations of space on board the aircraft, and subject to the application of relevant legislation concerning dangerous goods.

In case of doubts or for any further questions, please contact our Customer Service Centre, tel: (+335) 2456 4242 (callcenter@luxair.lu)

Electric wheelchair as hold luggage

For security reasons, only electric wheelchairs with DRY-CELL batteries are allowed on EMB145/135 and Q400 aircrafts.

In order to avoid any damage to the plane and to offer the best security during the flight, electric wheelchairs can be accepted as hold luggage only if the following conditions are respected:

  • Wheelchairs supplied by a dry-cell or an “invertible” battery, as defined by the IATA and ICAO regulations regarding dangerous goods, can be transported on board only if :
    • their battery is disconnected,
    • the polar opposites are isolated from another in order to prevent any accidental short-circuits,
    • the battery is attached in safe way to the wheelchair.

The battery can be classified as non-“invertible” if it can support vibrations and differential pressure testes without any liquid leak, as provided by the IATA and ICAO regulations regarding dangerous goods.

  • Wheelchairs supplied by “invertible” batteries can be transported on board only if :
    • the wheelchair can be charged, stowed, consolidated and unloaded in permanent vertical position and if the battery is disconnected,
    • the polar opposites are isolated from another in order to prevent any accidental short-circuits,
    • the battery is attached in safety way to the wheelchair.

In any case, the captain must be informed of the wheelchair’s exact localisation on board.

If a IATA carrier accepts an “invertible” battery supplied wheelchair that cannot be charged, stowed, consolidated and unloaded in a permanent vertical position, the battery has to be removed and the wheelchair can be transported as a hold luggage without any restrictions.

Once removed, the battery must be transported in a solid and rigid packaging, namely:

  • The packaging has to be watertight, impermeable to the battery liquid and protected from knock over either by consolidating it to a palette or in cargo hold by using appropriated way of consolidation (others than wedging with fret or passengers luggage) such as straps, hook or attached supports.
  • The battery must be protected from short-circuits, consolidated in a vertical position in a external packaging and wrapped up with compatible material that can absorb the battery’s whole liquid content in case of leak.
  • The external packaging has to be tagged (with his orientation) as ‘wet-cell battery with wheelchair’ and ‘corrosive’. It is highly recommended to equip “invertible” batteries with a hermetic and non-“invertible” cover.

Special Requests

How can I ask for special requests to Luxair?

Travel with babies

Travelling with a baby does not have to be stressful for you. For a more pleasant journey, Luxair offers you a special safety belt, the “kangaroo belt”, for travelling with your baby (under 2 years old) on your knees. Children aged 2 to 11 travel on a normal seat.

Acceptance of expectant mothers

In cases of uncomplicated single pregnancy, no medical clearance is required up to 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Beyond 36 weeks, expectant mothers can travel provided they have with them the treating physician’s fitness certificate.

Cases of complicated pregnancy are only accepted provided the pregnant mother has a medical certificate issued within 7 days before flight departure.

Flying within 7 days after childbirth is not recommended and requires medical clearance from the treating physician.

Notice: on the medical certificate the due date and all the travel dates must be mentioned.

Passengers with a high body mass

Additionnal seat for personnal comfort
For an adult traveler , the cost for an additionnal seat will be the ticket fare for an adult less the airport taxes. For a child, the cost for an additionnal seat will be the ticket fare for a child less the airport taxes. Please note that the additional seat cannot be booked online. Please contact our Customer Service Center (+352 2456 1).

Other requests

Should you have any other special requests, please do not hesitate to contact our call centre (+352 2456 1) or one of our agents who would be happy to assist you.

Unaccompanied minors

Special attention for your children traveling alone on Luxair flights

Unaccompanied minors are very welcome to travel with Luxair. For your children’s safety and for your peace of mind, however, several conditions must be respected.

Conditions for carriage of unaccompanied minors

  • For children between 2 and 5 years old*, a request must be submitted to the Callcenter at least 4 working days before the date of departure and the minor must travel accompanied by a member of the Luxair Crew. The transport costs for this crew member will be assumed by the parent or legal guardian.
  • For children between 5 and 12 years old *, an “unaccompanied minors UM” reservation is obligatory.
  • For children between 12 and 18 years old, passengers must have written permission from their parents or legal guardian to travel alone. Important : Luxair highly recommends that a “unaccompanied minors UM” request be filled for these young passengers.

For information and reservations, please contact your travel agency, Luxair or LuxairTours callcenter (+352 2456 1).

*Note: for children aged between 2 and 12 years old, Luxair requires a declaration (2 copies) to allow the minor to travel alone. This declaration must be signed by the police or the local authorities (Administration Communale, etc.).

Furthermore form H140, which exempts Luxair from any responsibility, must also be signed by the parental authority (father, mother or legal guardian). Please download it here.

Conditions for Italian minors travelling outside Italy

Minors up to and including the age of 13, who are Italian nationals travelling unaccompanied or with someone other than their parent or legal guardian (as identified in their passport), are subject to special requirements when travelling outside Italy.

They are required to carry with them authorisation (Dichiarazione di Affido) from the local police (Questura), or if their parents reside abroad, from an Italian embassy or consulate. The Dichiarazione di Affido cannot be issued by the airport police. Without this authorisation, they will not be permitted to leave Italy.
Due to the Italian law, children under 14 of age MUST have an UMNR procedure set up.
They mandatory need to be booked as unaccompanied minor!
Please note that this restriction only applies to Italian nationals. Minors of other nationalities are unaffected.


In order to reserve an “unaccompanied minor” ticket, (UM) for your child, please contact your travel agency or the Luxair / LuxairTours Call Center (+352 2456 1). Online reservations are not possible for this type of ticket.
During the reservation, you are asked to provide the contact details of the person who will bring your child to the departure airport and the person who will meet your child at the arrival airport .

Responsibility for your child during travel

Please be at check in at least 60 mn before the flight !

  • On the day of the departure, your child will be met by an assistant at the check-in counter. This person will accompany your child to the airplane where a member of cabin crew will take over
  • During the flight, our team will do the maximum to ensure that your child has an enjoyable flight
  • On arrival, we will accompany your child until he or she is met by the person responsible for collecting him/her at the airport. This person, nominated by you beforehand during the reservation, must present a form of ID

Emergency contact information


Provide your emergency contact information

On 1 December 2010 a new EU regulation entered into force.

In order to contact passenger’s relatives quickly in case of emergency, airlines have to offer passengers the opportunity to give the name and contact details of a person to be contacted. This information may be used only in the event of an emergency and will not be communicated to third parties or used for commercial purpose.


Animals may be transported on Luxair flights, subject to conditions, except for flights to and from London City and Dublin.

Animal transportation by air is subject to laws and regulations that differ substantially from country to another. All the original documents are required for transportation: import, export and transit papers, health and vaccination certificates (the latter testifying that the last anti-rabies inoculation was administered at least 30 days and at most 3 years prior to the departure date.

It is essential that your animal has an EU animal passport.

If the animal has not had the required vaccinations, the owner is liable for return flights for both the animal and the owner.

Restrictions to size and weight do not apply to special assistance animals for disabled passengers. These animals can be carried in the cabin free-of-charge and without transportation boxes.

Animals over 8kg (AVIH) must be carried in the hold in a special transportation box.
Conditions for animals in the hold:
The animal must be able to comfortably stand in an up-right position or lie down in the transportation box. In order to determine the correct size of the box the animal shall be measured as follows:

Height: in standing position, without touching the roof of the cage
Length: from nose to base of the tail, plus height from ground to elbow-joints
Width: twice the width of the animal’s shoulder blades

The container must be leak, escape and claw-proof and must be suitable for air transportation. This means that it allows handling (feeding, watering and cleaning) without the risk of the animal escaping or harming handling staff.

The container must have ventilation holes on more than one side and must be easily recognizable as an animal box. So called “pet suitcases” for animal transportation in the cabin are unsuitable for transportation in the cargo compartment.

Only 1 animal per container.

If your animal incl. cage weighs less than 8kg (PETC) it may travel in the cabin.

The following animals are permitted in the cabin: dogs, cats. Dogs, cats travelling from or to Great Britain must be declared as cargo.

Conditions for transport in the cabin:

  • The animal must be clean, healthy, harmless and odorless, and not pregnant.
  • It should not inconvenience other passengers in any way
  • It must be transported in a clean container, which must be leak-, escape- and claw-proof and suitable for air transportation and handling. The animal may not walk around freely in the cabin.

If your animal is carried in the passenger cabin, the dimensions of its cage must not exceed 45x23x25 cm or 45x42x20cm.

Acceptance criteria:

Acceptance for AVIH and PETC for EU members:
Dogs, cats and ferrets must have:

  • an EU animal passport indicating anti-rabies inoculation of at least 30 days and at most 3 years before departure.
  • Microchip identification (tattoo valid before 3 July 2012), (Regulation 998/2003/CE). Dogs must be identified electronically (microchip) within 4 months after birth.

Acceptance for AVIH and PETC for NON-EU members:
Dogs, cats and ferrets must have:

  • an EU animal passport indicating anti-rabies inoculation of at least 30 days and at most 3 years before departure.
  • a titration of a neutralizing antibody (EU reglementation n°998/200)
  • health certificate issued by an official veterinarian (EU commission n°2011/874)

The number of animals allowed is limited, so we highly recommend you mention your animal when you book your ticket.

Limitations for all aircraft types are 2 PETC and 2 AVIH.

Luxair reserves the right to refuse the transportation of animals for safety or legal reasons at any time.

Our customer service center is happy to assist you from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 10 pm.For a departure within the next 24 hours please call us at +352 2456-1