The airlines’ goal is to make your journey as easy and comfortable as possible. To be sure that you have made all necessary and desirable preparations for your flight, we have prepared a check list. The more precisely you follow these instructions, the better airlines will be able to deliver you the service and assistance you need (you still need to check the requirements by airline).

Book your flight at least 48 hours in advance and inform the airline or your travel agent about your special requirements. These include special meals or special services (e.g. wheelchair, guide dogs etc.).


Check whether your itinerary includes any other airline partners. For more information about services and facilities you should contact your operating airline.


Have a Medical Information Form (MEDIF) filled out by your doctor, if required by your medical condition. MEDIF is downloadable from airline’s website.


Make sure you check in in good time and reach your departure gate at the time indicated on your boarding pass.


Make sure that you are accompanied by a personal assistant if your medical or physical condition so requires.


Have all the medications you need during your trip in your hand luggage. If the quantity of liquid medication included in your hand luggage exceeds the legal limit, you should have a doctor’s statement to this effect, to prevent any problems during security checks.


The following special services are (usually) free of charge: special meals, assistance of ground staff in boarding, disembarking and transferring, transport of your own wheelchair or any other disability aid, transport of a service or emotional support dog in the cabin, transport of medical equipment.